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Whenever I have the opportunity to devote my time to helping people reach their potential, develop their skills or tackle new challenges in their life, I am in my happy place. I offer workshops, trainings and coaching in the field of mindful communications, conflict resolutions, as well as empathy for yourself and others.
I am convinced that we can learn and grow by reflecting on our own thoughts, behavior and actions, and that we have the power to make a difference in our lives by taking matters in our own hands. To get us started though we might need someone to guide, support and encourage us on the way. That’s what I am here for.



Your goals are my constant focus and lay the basis of my preparation and work. Empathy and authenticity is especially important to me during our collaboration
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Coaching, Training, Supervision and Change Management: A chance to dig deeper into a particular professional challenge, work on barriers and get ready for something new
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My interest in people, how we think, behave and see the world from different perspectives, led me to start a career in coaching, supervision and change management
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If this resonates with you, then let’s work together: You do not believe in wonders, but trust that you can initiate change by taking one step at a time. You are just not sure how to go about it right now
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