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Hallo and Welcome, I am Lisen, a Trainer and BSO Certified Business Coach, Organizational Development and Change Management Consultant. I offer workshops, training and coaching in the field of personal development, empathy, communication and understanding. Whenever I have the opportunity to devote my time to helping people reach their potential, develop their skills or tackle new challenges in their life, I am in my happy place.

How I Work


“My aim is to understand your need and feelings
from your perspective.”

I am convinced that we can learn and grow by reflecting on our own thoughts, behaviour and actions, and that we have the power to make a difference in our lives by taking matters into our own hands. To get us started though, we might need someone to guide, support and encourage us on the way. That’s what I am here for. Your goals are my constant focus and lay the basis of my preparation and work. Since our perception is subjective and based on individual experience, history and surrounding development, it is my aim to understand your needs and feelings from your perspective.
Authenticity is important to me and therefore I express my impressions and feelings honestly and openly. This creates a trust worthy environment, where you feel comfortable and are encouraged to open up.
What is discussed during our meetings, coachings, workshops and trainings is confidential and treated with discretion.

What I Offer


“An opportunity to work on barriers and
get ready for something new.”

Coaching can be described as a process that allows individuals to think about who they are, what strengths they have, what challenges they face, and what steps they need to take to make the necessary changes in their professional lives.

Under my guidance you will train on self-reflection, increase awareness, think through options and identify your own suitable solution.

Topics we can work on:
– Reaching your potential
– Increasing your self-confidence
– Developing your leadership skills
– Finding clarity in what you want
– Enhancing your relationship with co-workers / conflict resolution
– Reducing stress and increase resilience

Coachings can be held in English or in German.
Price: CHF180 per hour, plus travel costs if applicable

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“We Can Always Build On What We Are Already Good At
Let’s Turn Good Into Great”

My trainings and workshops provide tools, methods and hands-on exercises that help improve self-awareness, understanding of others and mindful conversational skills. I believe that learning should be fun and therefore encourage a learning atmosphere that incites a feeling of “get-together”, and motivates participants to contribute and support each other.

My expertise focuses on the following:
– Understanding yourself & others better
– Leading with Empathy
– Mindful conversations

I offer trainings in English and in German.
Price: subject to need, content and length of Training/Workshop
For a cost estimate please make use of the non-binding enquiry contact form

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“A Chance To Dig Deeper
Into A Particular Professional Challenge”

Supervision can be described as an in-depth reflection on a professional situation or challenge. During supervision-mentoring sessions you have the opportunity to open up, share and discuss a professional challenge, while receiving honest feedback and suggestions on how to go about it. It is also a chance to further develop, practice and enhance your skills.

My supervision-mentoring sessions are primarily intended for aspiring coaches and trainers. Yet, if you are interested in supervision, but are working in another field, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Topics we can work on:
– Developing sustainable and practice-oriented training content
– Defining your coaching concept and practicing your skills
– Extending your variety of methods and tools
– Gaining valuable feedback on your training or coaching concepts
– Discuss and find solutions to a challenging work-related situation

Individual or group supervision/mentoring are possible in English or German.

Price: subject to need
For a cost estimate please make use of the non-binding enquiry contact form

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“Autonomy, Competence And Belonging:
The Foundation Of A Motivational Work Atmosphere”

In times of change, the three main drivers of motivation, namely autonomy, competence and belonging are often unstable. Employees feel threatened and start worrying about losing their current role, expertise and colleagues. Thus, it is important that the affected employee’s are informed about the upcoming changes, that their concerns are heard and that they are offered the opportunity to pro-actively take part in the change process.

Topics we can work on:
– Recognizing the needs of the team
– Defining a suitable communication plan and its content
– Getting people involved and gaining their acceptance
– Building certainty and trust
Price: subject to need
For a cost estimate please make sue of the non-binding enquiry contact form

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If This Resonates With You, Then Let’s Work Together.

You do not want to wait for change to happen; you want to take action yourself. You look forward to reflecting on your thoughts, perspectives and actions. You know that it takes ‘two to tango’. One’s behavior is often a reaction to the behavior of another person and vice versa.
You do not believe in wonders, but trust that you can initiate change by taking one step at a time. You are just not sure how to go about it right now. You are ready to answer some challenging questions. You value others opinions and feedback.