27. Mai 2020

Are you nervous sometimes?

Good, it means you care. Often we associate nervousness with something negative, a feeling we want to get rid of, but being nervous signalizes that you actually care for something and that you are not indifferent to the task ahead of you. Is an upcoming job interview making you nervous?...

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17. Mai 2020

If I wasn’t me, how would I advise me?

" All of us know how to be a great friend for other people, but often we don't speak as friends to ourselves. One of the great lessons in life is - Become a friend to yourself. And one of the ways to do that is just to go if...

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17. Mai 2020

What ever it is, try to do it mindfully

Whatever it is you have in front of you, dedicate your full attention to it. - Are you watching a movie, watch the movie without scrolling through your phone. - Are you speaking to a colleague or friend, don’t let yourself get distracted. - Are you preparing dinner, prepare it...

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9. März 2020

Lack of Authenticity is noticed

In my work with managers and teams, I found that the lack of authenticity has a high impact on trust, and therefore disrupts the work atmosphere and collaboration the most. When people are anxious to appear weak, insecure, incompetent, inadequate…etc. and try to cover it up, authenticity is lost. The...

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2. März 2020

Role vs. Function

It is not important who is on the top or bottom, it is important who has what role and responsibility. Your role defines your responsibilities, your duties, your expertise, your competence. Your function “head of”,“director”,“senior manager” etc. defines your hierarchy level. Nothing more. Hierarchy creates a sense of parent-child relationship....

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24. Februar 2020

Why advice isn’t helpful

Advice is always meant well. What I learned from Coaching though, is that advice seldom helps. Our advice is based on our own assumptions, experience, principles and on what we would do if we were in a similar situation. Although we all mean well by giving advice, we need to...

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16. Februar 2020

Your most valuable trait is also your worst

Can you think of your most valuable and appreciative trait? Maybe you are a great listener, maybe you are a planner, maybe you are a visionary … Our most valuable positive characteristic makes us unique and distinctive. Unfortunately though, does not always have a positive effect on others. In a...

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9. Februar 2020

No NEWS is NOT good NEWS

The saying “no news is good news” may be valid and true in many situations, but in Leadership sharing Information and keeping people in the loop is key. Unfortunately due to daily “urgent” tasks, information flow often falls short. Employees who are not regularly informed are not given the chance...

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31. Januar 2020

Be the Change you want to see

Do you admire someone? Someone who seems to have what you want or wish for? E.g. the perfect job, a fulfilling social life, adventure, self-confidence, creativity…etc. Your admiration can go three ways: 1. You compare yourself, start judging and criticizing yourself for not having the same things. 2. You get...

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27. Januar 2020

Zwei Fragen sind ein guter Start

Excerpt in Deutsch folgt.

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