Two Questions is a good Start

Working in virtual teams with limited options to meet is very common today. When the possibility to have casual conversations over coffee or go for spontaneous team lunches is not available, the development of personal connection and team collaboration needs some additional care. One easy option is to start every online meeting by asking two simple questions, so called “Check-in” questions.

Examples of questions to ask:
“What do you want to achieve/discuss during this meeting?”
“What is currently on your mind?”
The second question can be answered from a non-work related perspective (e.g. what to cook for dinner), which can help getting to know each other on a personal level.

Giving all team members the chance to answer the two questions will:
1. prove that you are interested
2. encourage an open and honest communication
3. give everyone the chance to get heard and involved
4. establish an understanding for each other’s needs, feelings, challenges and moods

This brief exchange, where you focus on people rather than business, can do wonders for the work atmosphere and team spirit. Try it! It will only take 10minutes.