No NEWS is NOT good NEWS

The saying “no news is good news” may be valid and true in many situations, but in Leadership sharing Information and keeping people in the loop is key. Unfortunately due to daily “urgent” tasks, information flow often falls short.

Employees who are not regularly informed are not given the chance to get involved. Managers, who leave their employees in the dark, underestimate the value of the team’s expertise, ideas, criticism and support.  The lack of communication may also cause team members to question their purpose and role, which will impact their engagement. Some employees might verbally express their displeasure, some may turn silent. Therefore, no News is NOT good News.

If you are a leader of a team, think about:

How often you share information…

… by notifying the team about topics discussed at higher hierarchical levels

… by updating the team about the tasks you are currently working on

… by sharing your ideas and plans which concern the department and team

How often you ask for information…

… by showing interest in what each individual member in your team is working on

… by requesting their advice and expertise

And then do it more often.